As cat owners know, deciphering feline language — a mixture of purrs, hairball coughs, and apathetic meows — is a fruitless task. They’re sensitive, strong-willed creatures. And it turns out, your actions have a huge influence on them. Like smoking, for instance: Smoking kills pets, people. In fact, cats are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes.

Luckily, the below chart breaks down everything your cat hates and loves (or, tbh, hates marginally less), so you can be the pet owner you know you can be. These likes and dislikes get as deep into your feline friend’s brain as possible, whether your kitty is a sleek, domesticated house cat or a feral, garbage-loving alley cat.


Hopefully, your cat’s preferences are now a little more clear. At the very least you should understand that your furry friends are strong and opinionated beings — which is one reason why your behavior has a huge influence on them. Give them the happy and healthy home that they deserve, filled with smoke-free piles of clothing that they can really snuggle into.

Nandita Raghuram is a Senior Writer at Studio@Gawker. She tweets here.

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